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Classes are $10/person - want more? Join Tae on Patreon for Yoga flows, meditations, breath work, and health and wellness tips.

Class Descriptions

Step Aerobics

This is a fun and effective cardio workout, where we use steps to work to the beat of the music. There is jumping, high knees, and a lot of laughs during this class. This workout can be as high or low intensity as you want - so all are welcome.. 

Beginner Yoga

For students new to yoga who want to practice the foundation of poses.


Uniting our breath with our body this is a great yoga practice to get out of our heads and into our bodies. This class is welcoming to all levels of yoga. 

Yin Yoga

 Holding different postures for 3-5 minutes and gently allowing our body to soften and open during this practice while we focus on redirecting our thoughts back to our breath. This is a beginner-friendly class. Props are recommended but not neccessary. 


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