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Trauma and Healing

Healing is something that I base my entire life around. Every day, in one way or another, I base my life around healing.

Before I go further into this, I want to clarify something that I feel strongly about.


What a strange thing.

My work, or more so, Strait to the Roots is created and exists to assist you on your healing journey. I am not, nor do I ever see myself as identifying as a healer. And these days, I feel like we run into a lot of people who call themselves, or others as, healers.

This is where we should all tread carefully.

I believe it is up us to heal ourselves. Healing is not something we can go to someone else for and walk out of the room as “healed”. We can use tools, which I will discuss below that can assist us in deepening our connection to our mind, body, and spirit which will bring us clarity as to who we are and why we are the way we are, but it is up to you, and only you to heal yourself.

I have had this issue a few times in a few sessions with clients with massage but mostly with reiki. I have had people say they were disappointed that their years of back pain wasn’t gone in one 60-minute massage. Or that they didn’t “feel” anything during a reiki session.

Continuing to come back, continuing to show up for yourself, and to be open to the possibilities is what will create an inner shift. Reiki works for days and weeks after receiving a treatment. After receiving a massage, the effects might take days for your body to finally really feel its benefit.

These things take time, something a lot of us don’t have.

If you’re like me, you want it now. I used to joke with my therapist, “Just tell me what I need to do to heal and I’ll do it!” But there isn’t really an answer – or just one answer. So, I am sharing everything that I have grown to regularly (key word) practice.

Speaking solely on my own experience, I want to stress that I do not promise a great awakening, healing of wounds (physical/emotional/spiritual), or any epiphanies to happen during any session.

I think the best thing you can do while receiving any healing modality as the ones stated below, is to have an open mind and no expectations. To trust yourself and your body to open and to let go when it is ready. Healing isn’t linear, but we can ride the waves with grace and perseverance.

More then anything, remember that you are your own healer.

Massage Therapy.

I get monthly massages, for my physical body – but also for my emotional body. The physical body holds on to all of our emotions and experiences. So, if we never deal or process these things – this can create tension in our back, tightness in our chest, cramps in our legs, tightness in our hips. It can cause headaches, migraines, anxiety, and pain. Allowing 90 minutes a month for my body to truly relax and let go is vital to my survival and health.


I have recently began getting regular reiki treatments which is helping me shift into an entire new way of living. I am healing on such a deep level, by moving stagnant energy in my body and connecting deeper to my chakras. It has been truly humbling to see the long-term effects just one session of reiki has on my life, let alone going consistently.

Yoga - Asana

I have a very personal and private yoga practice. I practice all day everyday with my daughter and puppy climbing on me, but at night I find myself stretching out the day. Getting into our body and out of our head is vital. Adding that connection of breath and movement makes it somewhat impossible to think of anything else – so it is a form of meditation. As I have already said, our body holds onto emotions and experiences that we may not even remember. I have cried so many times during my asana practice – and sometimes I can’t even tell you why. Other times, memories surface that I didn’t even know I had. Physical movement is also medicine. Shaking out all the ick from our body.


I have a dance party with my 3-year-old daughter every singe day. It is fun. That is a key word I always want in my life, fun. So, I do things that will bring more fun, more joy, more laughter. And we are always laughing during our dance parties. I suggest creating a dance playlist, whenever I catch myself sinking into a negative space – I put it on and 9 times out of 10, I feel better. If you are having anxiety – turn on your favorite dance song and GET IN YOUR BODY. Shake that ick out!


I am an avid runner so I will always suggest running. It helps me feel strong and this is where 90% of my great ideas surface! Not all bodies allow running, so in that case – yoga or dance.


I don’t have too much extra time on my hands at this point in my life – so I meditate for just 10 minutes a day. That’s it. But its benefits are still massive in my life because I am consistent. I feel more connected to my power. I feel calm in the midst of chaos, I feel like I am better at regulating my emotions and trusting in myself and who I am has returned back to me after years of self-doubt and judgment. It is said that the key to tapping into your intuition is meditation, journaling, and being alone in nature.

Nature Walks

Enough said. Go outside, on your own, leave your phone, sit under a tree, and listen to what mother earth has to say. So much clarity comes when you leave your phone, step away from the screen, the hustle and bustle of life and just be.


Ah…my true love. I have been journaling since my “Dear Diary” days. If you don’t know what to write, look up different journal prompts. There are a lot of GREAT questions out there. If you're like me, and have TOO much to write about, time yourself for 5 minutes a day and just write. Anything and everything down. When I was at a really low point in my life, I use to start my days by naming three things I am grateful for and then I would write down three things that I loved at night.


I don’t even know how they do it, but counselors/therapists are life savors – seriously. Sometimes I just need someone to listen, really listen and then everything is suddenly feeling better. I always know its a good time to start counseling back up when I start venting to the bank teller or the person checking me out at the store.

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