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Pretending like we are normal...

A common conversation I have been instigating with people around me is that – no one.

And I mean NO ONE is functioning at their best right now.

There is so much going on at a global, country, community, individual level.

Econmonical stress. The threat of climate change. A pandemic. A huge election for our country. And all the growth and stress from day to day life ON TOP of this chaotic storm of 2020.

Everyone is stressed. And only we can decide how we can handle it.

I will never use my business as a place to push my opinions and beliefs on another. But what I will say, over and over again, only we decide how we face stress.

Only we decide how we face others who have different beliefs, morals, and values.

Only we decide how and if we react. And if it is in love and kindness or fear and anger.

During yoga class – I often have students come back to their breath while they are holding a difficult pose. Remembering – this too shall pass. This is temporary. And I can be as miserable at this time or, I can shine and live as heart forward as I choose.

I can live in pain – reminding myself of everything I am not, or everything that I am bad at. Or during yoga – how weak I feel, how I can’t shut my mind off, how tight and stiff my hips are. Etc. etc.

Or. I can breathe, and I can cry and I can feel these emotions and let it out. I can honor all that I am. I can honor all that I am not. And I can live through my heart. In light and in love.

I can be gentle to myself and with others.

As a mother to a toddler during this time – I have snapped at my daughter more often than I am proud to admit. But do you know what I do every single time this happens? I apologize to her. I remind her that I too am human. I tell her that it was not ok for me to yell at her – and I am learning with her.

Being a parent is the hardest thing – it finds your sores and it picks and picks at them until you decide to heal them. Maybe that is what we – as a whole – are going through during this time.

Maybe we are being forced to look inward and to heal. And maybe that is why carrying on with our old day to day fast-paced life is SO difficult right now.

We need to slow down – and if you're like me – it’s a silly thought.

“But Tae, I do not have time to slow down.”

And I am there with you.

Mom. Business owner. Nursing school.

I am there with you.

But find moments.

Take three deep breaths before bed.

Go to A yoga class a week.

Laugh at dinner with your family and friends.

Color with your kids.

Sing at the top of your lungs while you make dinner.

Anything. ANYTHING. To bring back your spark. Your light.

A fun exercise I do with my health and life coaching clients is to make a nourishment menu.

Write things down that bring sweetness into your life.

Here are mine:

1) Going to bed with clean, fresh out of the dryer sheets.

2) Getting a massage.

3) Dancing around my house with my daughter

4) Laying in the grass and watching the clouds

5) Slow mornings where I can cuddle my daughter and slowly make coffee

6) Going to bed with a clean house

7) Getting a pedicure

8) Having dinner with my girlfriends

Wishing you sweetness and joy.

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