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My Journey in Yoga

Tonight, as my 3-year-old daughter, sat in her room and ate her dinner before bedtime (something we often do because she isn’t hungry until it’s time to go to bed – little stinker…) I did some stretching. My hips have been so wacky lately, so I am paying a little more attention to them. I was doing a headstand, followed by a wide-legged forward fold, and a memory popped into my head about the short time I lived on the Arkansas River in Colorado.

Yoga is funny like that – memories and emotions can come flooding back in certain poses…anyway…

I was working at a rafting company and I would escape daily to find solitude along the Royal Gorge. I was so weird at 21 – I was surrounded by really cool people who were having fun, but I was so serious. I wanted to stretch and meditate and journal. I was such a loner, still am. Anyways…Canyon City has a train that travels through the Royal Gorge with guided tours daily – and one day I was doing a headstand while It passed by and the people started clapping for me. Isn’t that funny? Maybe you had to be there. So that was the memory that popped up while I was doing these same moves, yet years, and what seems like, lifetimes apart.

Then, I was a carefree, traveling, young 21-year-old with nothing but opportunity and time on my hands. Now, I am a mother, a business owner, nursing student, in my daughter’s cozy bedroom before bedtime some days so overwhelmed, I shut down and do nothing.

Same moves. Many lessons apart.

Isn’t it something – 6 years later, doing the same moves I was doing when I was in my early 20’s, single, traveling, and trying to figure it all out? I am still trying to figure it all out – but so much has changed. My yoga practice use to be so spiritual, so personal, so internal – and now I have based my life around it. The foundations of my practice many moons ago – have allowed me to create a life surrounding it.

How neat. I am still trying to find that balance between teaching and having my own practice. Or being a mom and having my own practice. But I am learning, whew, am I always learning.

So much gratitude for how my life has unfolded, how my practice has grown, and who I am becoming.

Wishing you all love and light,


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